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So what do you do?

1. Make an appointment to see your DR. ASAP.
This is EXTREMELY important – especially if you are sensitive to the poison ivy irritant.
Allergic reactions could be life threatening in extreme cases and you shouldn’t fool around with it.
a. Doctors can prescribe the latest wonder creams to treat the poison ivy symptoms.
b. Doctors can also prescribe strong antihistamines and steroid medications to control your allergic reactions.

In other words
Doctors manage the poison ivy reaction cycle.

Before you go any further ... please be aware that we are not Doctors and if you try the remedy that I tried - you're on your own ... meaning - WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY REACTION that you may have trying our method!!! Be aware that the MANUFACTURERS OF CASCADE clearly state on their packaging that their product is an EYE AND SKIN IRRITANT AND CONTAINS PHOSPHATES!! Now that you have been CLEARLY FOREWARNED, CLICK HERE to let me tell you about my experience.

Ticks and Lyme

 Local Pests and Ivies ….

Poison Ivy … too late….

   What do I do now?

Be Aware - Be Careful and Stay Safe!

Oak? Ivy? Sumac?

Ok – so what’s the deal with Poison Ivy?

In a nut shell, this plant has very nasty, oily sap..
And when it comes in contact with your skin ...
within 15 minutes – actually BONDS with the molecules of your skin!!!
That’s why simple washing with normal soap does not cleanse it away ...
And – unfortunately for us .. this oil remains active ... maybe forever!!

And as long as the irritant is bonded to your skin – it will continue to irritate – Causing you skin to finally blister and ooze.
In fact – I read that the only way the sap eventually leaves your skin, is through natural exfoliation.... too often being the dead blister skin finally drying out and falling off!