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Brow Recluse Spider Brow Recluse Spider Brow Recluse Spider Seasonal Cleaning ALERT!!!...

Contrary to previous understandings and conditions, the Brown Recluse Spider - sometimes referred to as the Violin Spider, is now alive and living well right here in Morristown, NJ!!
As depicted above - in some photo's, (left and right) it looks like a large - but fairly normal spider. That's not exactly true. That is what they look like when at rest. But when they move, they rise up like the center picture, in the middle - which looks more like a Daddy-Long-Legs but with a bigger body - a very different presentation!!.
The bite of the Brown Recluse causes sever ulcerations of the skin... as in REALLY NASTY!!!
Please be careful when cleaning out areas of your home that are seldom disturbed. These spiders like their privacy. They live in "undisturbed" locations and have a penchant for old cardboard boxes. (suggesting that everyone wear gloves when working in the attic - garage etc.)
We found 2 in our crawl space - 1 in the shed and one living in the high cathedral corner of our bathroom. Our unfortunate neighbor was bit on his ankle while planting some early flowers.

Be Aware - Be Careful and Stay Safe!

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